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27th of April - Matanzas Mule Day

Today is fantastic. Seriously, after finding out what Mantanzas Mule Day celebrates I could not help but laughing out loud.

First off let me say that whatever today was celebrating, I would be entertained, there is nothing funnier than a Mule. Mule's are God's way of saying, yeah, I like a joke, sometimes I'm not such a serious guy, deal with it, live a little. They symbolize everything that is darkly hilarious. They are amazing.

Comedy Gold!

But, however, also, the story surrounding Mantanzas Mule is what lifts it above regular Mule related comedy; see, the story goes that during the Spanish-American War, the US Navy targeted the small Cuban village of Mantanza. After hailing down on the village with their full artillery, the only casualty was a Mule. The Mule became instantly famous and has become a classic footnote in the annals of the Spanish-American War. 

"No way!"

Yes way Einstein, in fact this story becomes even more amazing: a newspaper article from 1898 describes the funeral of the Mule, where he apparently was buried with full military honors, to the sound of a marching band, whilst 200 people watched on. They even wrote him a fucking song:

They marshaled men of every rank,
They summoned muffled guns to roll,
They called the merchant from the bank,
They caused the Church's bell to toll.

And slowly to his grave they passed,
Obeying every martial rule,
And there with tears they took a last,
Long look at that bombarded mule

Wrapped in the flag he served so well.
Amid a cloud of smoke he sank;
"The Slain" - by tons of shot and shell - 
Went under with a round of blank.

Absolutely incredible.

Happy Matanzas Mule Day


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